What kind of website should you make?

If you are looking to get into internet marketing and know how to build a site, you are halfway there. I will discuss a few steps you can take to ensure you don’t get lost along the way. There will be many roadblocks on your path, but choosing your website shouldn’t be a difficult one. If it is, follow the advice here and you should be

well on your way to building that dream site! Here are some quick tips for making the decision easier:

Choose your platform:

For some, choosing the type of site you will make is the tough part. Should you code it yourself or should you use a CMS like WordPress? That’s all up to you, you have to make sure you are good at coding if you want to take that route. Most newbies choose the CMS route and I believe that is a good choice to make. Also, you need to determine whether it will be a blog or marketplace type site. It’s actually good to draw out your vision on a good ole piece of paper and pencil. It’s better to visualize things before you put your plan into action. Once you have it all written down you can move on to the next step.

Choose your niche:

This decision is a tough one for most newbies to make. A lot of new marketers want to dive into a niche that makes money, but if you do that it will be harder because there is way more competition. If you choose a niche, like say, fat loss. You are up against some giants in the industry who have far more resources than you. If you don’t want to drown, pick a niche that is somewhat narrowed down from a general subject. Instead of fat loss, maybe you can do a site for “losing weight for women over 40”. Something like that to narrow down your topic. This will give you a better chance to succeed in your chosen niche. Once you have narrowed down your topic, you can move onto the final step.

Take action:

Finally, this is the most important step, you must take action immediately. Choose your platform, type of site, niche and then dive right in! Don’t be afraid to take action. This is what separates the winners from the losers. You should start creating content and improving your site constantly. Even if it’s just some minor steps like a short post or changing the header. The forward motion of your actions will start to get the ball rolling and your site will start coming to life right before your eyes. It is a very satisfying feeling once your site is finally up and ready to go. The more TLC you give to your site, the better it will look and perform. The better it performs, the more visitors you get and then you can start the fun part monetizing! So hop onto that laptop and start constructing that site. Your visitors are waiting.

Stay tuned for more internet marketing tips, we are just getting started! Talk to you soon future bosses!


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