Consistency is Key

Hey Bosses, long time no chat. I know, I know, you’ve missed me. I’ve missed y’all too! I’ve been really busy with my projects for the new year. That is why you haven’t seen me in awhile. That is also the exact reason I am writing this post. I want to make sure this year, I am posting more for my loyal followers to learn from. I will strive to provide more insights for you here on the home blog. Today’s lesson will be on consistency (or lack thereof; something I’ve been guilty of on this site haha.) But, don’t fret.  I will bring more content than ever for all the aspiring bosses out there!

Schedule it!

If you want your site to survive, you’re gonna have to give it your all. If you want to be your own boss, your going to have to be on some sort of schedule. Scheduling is very important because it allows one to have some sort of control over their workday. Workflow is easier streamlined when you know what task you will doing at what time. You have to be consistent. If you have a blog, you have to post regularly. If you don’t post regularly, you will start to lose your loyal fanbase. You don’t want that. Think of new posts and content to your blog as the lifewater of its existence. The longer you go without new posts, the quicker it dies. Keep your blog alive with new posts, updates, graphics and anything else that is updatable. You always want your readers coming back. Your loyal readers will always come back. But, even they will get bored and stop showing up if you haven’t posted in awhile.

Daily ritual

If you are having trouble with this concept, just try to get into a daily routine or ritual. The most successful people in the world have some sort of pre-workday ritual. This regular routine helps them power through the day like a shining star. Some like to make their own coffee and take their time with it before the workday starts. Some like to get their daily workout in before their workday. Others like to meditate. The common thread here is that they take time out for themselves and get mentally prepared. It makes the workday easier and gets you in the right state of mind. Also, make sure it’s not just a negligible amount of time before your workday. Try to take at least a couple hours all for “me” time. Whatever you like to do, make it a point to do it before your workday. Because, we all know after work, nobody wants to do much but laze on the couch and eat junk food lol. When I am referring to “work,” I mean both those who work jobs and the bloggers that have made it their livelihood. Yes, even though you work as a blogger, you still have to consider it your “workday.”


Consistency is more than just posting new articles online though. It is a mindset. You have to hardwire yourself to make this second nature. When I mentioned that you have to treat your day as a “workday” (even though you work at home), I meant that you have to take your business seriously. If you are planning to pay the bills with your blog or online business, you have to the same discipline as if you were working a 9-5. You have to get into the mindset that your home is your office and not somewhere you can just chill. Your livelihood is at stake here, after all. That’s why scheduling your day like a real workday is important. This takes discipline. Discipline is critically important if you want to excel at running a successful online business. So, an ideal scheduled workday for a blogger would look something like this:


5-7am: Pre workout routine; jogging and lifting weights at the gym

7-8am: Check and responding to emails

9-12pm: Writing articles and updating site

12-1pm: Lunch

1-2pm: Creating YouTube videos

3-5pm: Setting up ad campaigns and forum posting

Of course, your workday may look different depending on what’s important to your online business or blog. But, you get the idea. Try to bring organization to your unorganized operation or suffer the consequences. Don’t be another statistic. It really isn’t that hard to run a successful online venture. All it begins is with you and how much you want it. But, beyond that, you must be consistent with updating your blog on a regular basis. Remember, like one of our greatest presidents (Benjamin Franklin) once said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” B0$$!!

Bonus: Here’s a quick motivational video I did to get your consistency up! Hope you enjoy it!

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