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I’m sure we all need a side hustle. Well, how about one where you don’t even have to leave the house?! That’s what you came here for right? Well, here’s one way you can make a modest side income with a little bit of work.

Disclaimer: this is not for those who want to get rich quick or expect a full-time income. 

As you probably already know, considering you are a boss, outsourcing is an essential part of running a business. It is what keeps the company running. So, you can imagine how much demand there is for it. Well, if you still haven’t found something online that can get you a steady stream of income, I present to you “MTurk,” an Amazon company that offers some of the cheapest outsourcing services you can find on the net! is a site where anybody who wants to make a little extra money, by doing odd jobs and tasks presented to you, can do so with relative ease. The reason I placed a disclaimer on this article is to keep your expectations realistic with this gig. Most of the tasks pay pennies but there are higher paying gigs as well like transcribing jobs. So, keep your eyes peeled bosses. If you got some extra time and want some bill money, this might be the perfect gig for ya.

Most MTurkers are making roughly 150-300 dollars a week with this. The gigs you find on here are pretty funny at times. For instance, one gig might ask you to watch their competitors social posts and report back. Lol. Others can be downright silly. Like the one that asks you to watch videos of Japanese dancers and commenting on whether the moves looked sexual in any way. Yeah. But, like I said, there are a few decent ones. You have to work your way up the food chain to get higher paying “hits” as they call them. The higher paying transcribing jobs require you to qualify through grammar and transcribing tests. If you are not good with the english language, punctuality and grammar, forget about it. They are very picky with those.

There’s also a rating system to show how good your work is. You want to make sure your ratings are high because alot of potential employers will want a rating of 90 or over. That is why you must be very thoughtful with the hits you accept. You want to make sure you give every hit your best effort to ensure a high rating for your work. But, the jobs aren’t that hard, for the most part. So, ranking up shouldn’t be much of a problem for those who are detail-oriented. If you are in the MMO space, you are most likely detail-oriented or you would not be too successful at your job now, would you?

The payments are pretty reliable as they go through Amazon Payments. From there you can transfer your earnings to the bank account you have associated with your Amazon account. So, there’s no problem there. Unfortunately, it is not available for every country yet. But, if you are in the US, you are good to go. Well, after you do a quick application for acceptance that is. I got approved pretty quickly in a couple days. Keep in mind, this is like a real job, so you will have to provide your sensitive info, like SSN. But, you can be rest assured that this is no scam since it’s an Amazon company.

(Sidenote: if you need to outsource some work like articles or menial tasks like copy and paste jobs, MTurk can be a good place for you to find cheap workers wh0 provide decent quality. This is for those who don’t want to bother with being an employee of MTurk, but rather an employer. But, I’m assuming most of the bosses who visit this site are somewhat newer and want some quick easy ways to make money online.)

If you have the patience and will to do several “hits” and rack them up, you can have some nice spending cash or weekend money. So, there you have it bosses. Yet another way to get money online. What are you waiting for? Go get that moolah bosses! Lol, oh yeah. It’s nice to be back too. I haven’t been updating for awhile. But, I’ll be more consistent on my end. So, that leaves it up to you. Go get that paper and let’s talk about it next time I’m back with another way for you to earn. BO$$!


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