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Here is a collection of my artworks. Besides, just letting out my creative juices here, this section will serve a great purpose. I will show you ways to monetize art because, after all, that’s what the site is about. So, it serves a dual purpose. Displaying my art to the masses and discovering new ways to monetize art in general. Enjoy the showcase bosses!


Hamed Bahar - "Colorful Kate"
Hamed Bahar – “Colorful Kate”

Description: This is a reimagining of a shoot Kate Upton did. I threw in some vibrant colors and posterized it. Being a Kate Upton fan, I figured I would do a piece on her. Hope y’all like it!

Hamed Bahar - "Death Over Designer"
Hamed Bahar – “Death Over Designer”

Description: This is my first digital art project contribution. It is a digital artwork piece I titled “Death Over Designer.” The reason for the name is, besides getting it from a J Cole verse, is to show the senseless killings over designer shoes like Jordans. It is meant to start a conversation about what our values and priorities should be. We need to learn to love each other and be safe out there y’all!


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